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About Eisel Elite

Eisel Elite's Core Values are....

  • Training Hard and Having a Strong Work Ethic
  • Becoming the Biggest, Strongest, Fastest, Most Agile, Most Athletic Individual YOU Can Be
  • High Quality and Efficient Body Movement¬†
  • Skill Acquisition¬†in YOUR Sport
  • Effective, Competitive Schedule Driven Programming


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Chris Eisel

Owner Of Eisel Elite

Certified Strength Coach and Sports Development Coach


My name is Chris Eisel. I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and like you, I had aspirations of being the best athlete I could be. My ultimate goal in life was to become a professional baseball player.

I played collegiately at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I started 5 years in center field, I was named team captain for 3 of those 5, and had a very successful collegiate baseball career. However, I did not have that edge when it came to training to be a professional.

I spent my high school and collegiate weight room days just trying to "figure things out". I did not have the knowledge on the proper way to train. This is why I now do what I do. My goal is to develop the best, most elite athletes. My life goal changed from becoming a professional athlete, to DEVELOPING professional athletes. And I would like you to take the leap, and get serious about your athletic development. I want YOU to be the biggest, strongest, most explosive and powerful athlete that YOU can be.

Take the Leap

Right here is your opportunity to invest in yourself, your goals, and athletic career. Let me help you become the best athlete you can possibly be. 

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